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About Us

One of a Kind

Every item on the site is one of a kind and all produced exclusively

Full Track

All products are arranged from start to finish with exclusive details


Once you own an item, you will have all the channels so you can edit the project as you want

Note from Soul Rubato

Make your soul sound better with us.

Music business is a fast growing maket with new Artists and Musical Genres. Key to success depends on Artist’s imagination and a constant production workflow that leads to aesthetically beautiful sounds and compositions. Soulrubato.com is a website that can be used as a marketplace to find or order your next hit song. All products are one of a kind in the site and all designed as finished tracks.

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Are you interested?

If you are interested in one of the products or you would like to produce a custom music, please contact us so that we can contact you as soon as possible to make your soul sound.

About Us

All the songs on the site are produced exclusively by the Producer Emre Pehlivan
as one of a kind. Soulrubato.com gives you a chance to listen and decide if your
next song is on the site. Owning it is only few clicks away with all the audio channels so you can re-arrange or re-master the track with all the royalties.

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