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What is soulrubato.com?

Soulrubato.com is in a way, your own music producers menu where you can find finished Works and where you can actually can make an order for your own specific needs. İt is a web site created by Music Producer Emre Pehlivan, aiming to reach  singers and songwriters to find high-end beats, musical compositions ready to use without lyrics and melody lines. Site also enables to make direct contact with the producer for custom made musical pieces which will be one of a kind and created for only use of the specific customer.

Can I get one of these musicals for my own use?

Yes, you can contact the owner personally with a few clicks and buy the musical you like with all the VAW. format audio channels in 44.100 bit rate. Once you purchase a musical, you can edit or modify the piece as you like and publish it without any copyright issue. The site offers the full copyright of the musical once you complete the payment. The Producer himself returns the mails and messages around maximum 24 hours including Sundays and formal holidays.

How can I legally secure my purchased products copyrights?

As soon as you complete the payment, you will be able to download a zip file including all the audio channels of the musical. Before you publish your finished work, you will have to register your work through the copyright protecting firms online or local.

Are these musicals one of a kind?

Yes, all the products you get to listen on the site is unique and absolutely one of a kind. Once you purchase an item from the site, it automatically vanishes from the site and from the stock of the owner.

Can I download it again?

Once you create a login username and password, you can reach all the products on the site. If you purchase an item, only you will have the download link to the original sound files.

Can I make an order specific to my use?

Soulrubato.com makes it fully possible to contact the producer for tailor made songs, beats, musical compositions in your specific needs with word wide quality work and a very fair price range.

About Us

All the songs on the site are produced exclusively by the Producer Emre Pehlivan
as one of a kind. Soulrubato.com gives you a chance to listen and decide if your
next song is on the site. Owning it is only few clicks away with all the audio channels so you can re-arrange or re-master the track with all the royalties.

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